Social Media Competition

The best thing about being a part of Hurley’s Media is having the ability to give our followers awesome prizes, just ’cause! “Cinema Jay” gave us the hookup for two VIP tickets at Regal Theaters here in Camana Bay, just for liking, sharing & tagging a friend in this video.  Congrats to our lucky winner

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Cayman Turtle Centre

Did you know that approximately 31,000 yearlings have been released thanks to the Cayman Turtle Center’s conservation efforts through the release program? To learn more and find out how you can be a part of the conservation of our green sea turtles, take a trip to Cayman Turtle Farm | Research and Conservation  

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The Flavour Tour at Camana Bay

The beaches are beautiful here but did you know the culinary scene is just as good? Choosing a place to eat can be tricky, especially with so many choices but don’t worry, you can avoid the annoying “where do you want to eat?” conversation by just heading over to Camana Bay  for the Flavor Tour.

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