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The Flavour Tour at Camana Bay

The beaches are beautiful here but did you know the culinary scene is just as good? Choosing a place to eat can be tricky, especially with so many choices but don’t worry, you can avoid the annoying “where do you want to eat?” conversation by just heading over to Camana Bay  for the Flavor Tour. Every Wednesday you have the opportunity to experience a variety of different foods from a handful of restaurants in Camana Bay and trust me when I say, they are all AMAZING. From authentic Indian at Pani Indian Kitchen, mouthwatering pizza at The Brooklyn Pizza + Pasta, a nightcap at The King’s Head (you’ll feel like you’re in England with the authentic pub vibe)  and the best sushi at Mizu  Asian Bistro (just to name a few) you’ll get a wide selection and a fun dining experience – whether you’re a local looking for something different, or a visitor wanting a taste of everything! I couldn’t help but think while I was sipping away on the different cocktails and chowing down on some seriously yummy food that The Flavor Tour would be such a cool thing to do for a Birthday, Bachelor/Bachelorette party, or even if you’ve got a group of friends visiting and want to show off – (you’d certainly win best host award)! Everyone loves food (whether or not you’ve got #foodie in your IG bio) so why not enjoy all different kinds at one of the most beautiful places on the island? For more details click here -> Camana Bay


Pani Indian Kitchen – an Anise infused cocktail.
Enjoying a coffee martini at The King’s Head

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